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[16 Nov 2003|10:01pm]


November 27th 2003

when I will dump the contents.
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Jack. [17 Oct 2003|01:33am]

Jack sighs, reaches into a fold in his clothing and reveals a small drawstring bag. He gently tosses it to Bunburry. "Thanks, buddy. See you around." Jack leans back as if deep in thought.

Bunburry walks toward the door, holding the bag in his mouth. As he leaves, he looks back to say goodbye, but Jack is little more than a mist on the air. Bunburry takes in the lingering scent and leaves an empty room.

Jack [15 Jul 2003|09:58pm]

Jack slowly walks to the bar. His nondescript grey clothing flows easily as he walks. His face an empty slate, he awaits an interesting encounter. He sits and orders an iced tea.

A mottled black and grey cat slowly follows Jack and curls up under his seat.
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[17 Jun 2003|09:47pm]
It stepped through the doors.
The figure could be straight out of a gothic version of a classic detective novel, black fedora, a black double breasted suit beneath a black trench coat, all the fabric it wore shifted to red as the light changed over it but for the most part the clothes were black. The fedora shaded the face that tread that line between feminine and masculine, the eyes were hidden by lenses that were blood red. If you looked closely you'd almost swear they were filled with blood. Of course, this individual was always well aware of of where people were looking.
As it approached the bar long white hands withdrew themselves from the pants pockets. It sat at the bar and started lighting matches one by one, and letting them burn.

You are welcome to try and talk.
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[10 May 2003|10:42pm]

The Distant creak of the Rainbow Inns enterance door sounds softly, stretching eerily upon the trail of lulling conversation. A cloaked figure enters quietly clutching her coat collar with two delicate hands, at last fleeing the crisp chill of a bitter sweet springtime breeze and pressing the door closed. She turns away from the door, surrenders her hood and meekily aqcuaints you with deep dark eyes before withdrawing her gaze in quiet assesment of her surrounds. Having fixed the landscape of her surrounds, she wanders beside the fireplace and leans against the fixture, gazing intently into the lapping entrance of flames.
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Hahregahbeh [28 Apr 2003|11:12pm]
A giant cat stalks into the Inn. Midnight blue fur with black tiger stripes and the generic shape of a tiger, if only just a hair larger than you're normal Bengal Tiger. Massive paws tread silently on the floor of the Inn as he --And there is no doubting it is a he-- glides over to his Oberon shooting a glance towards the sofa where a cat, a man and Evilyn sit. He rubs his head against Oberons dangling hand.
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Oberon [25 Apr 2003|12:37am]

Oberon appears on the stairs, He looks about the room and sees Evilyn. He moves slowly across the floor, black leather boots squeaking faintly, to the table he'd had before as "the Guard" his eyes always on the trio of the sofa. Had you been privvy to the private room you would be familiar with his Midnight blue hair, and silver rams horns.
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Evilyn, Has returned. [24 Apr 2003|12:14am]
Appearing behind the bar and stepping out she surveys the scene from behind a pair of red hued spectacles. Dressed in a double breasted pinstripe suit, she'd almost rival the darling Mr. Guisborne in looks. But of course she doesn't as she is female. She spots jack and a cat. But ruby is missing.

She hears faint noises above her head and emits a satisfied, "Ahh... I know where Ruby is." Before walking over to jack once more.
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not in California anymore [23 Apr 2003|10:53pm]

A momentary swirl of liver-coloured trenchcoat cuts the antique landscape with a quiet impatience, ushering in cool, moist night air with its quickly-righted folds. The man stands just inside of the doorway, one arched eyebrow raised over a dark, heavily-lidded eye just enough to convey an incredulous sort of annoyance, one side fo his shapely upper lip barely curled in a sneer that looks so right on his hard-featured face that it's difficult to imagine him without it.
The dull brass tip of his furled umbrella taps once against the wooden floor as he allows his overcoat to be sloughed off of his broad shoulders and taken in the crook of an impeccably jacketed arm. A long, taper-fingered hand perches easily on the narrow hip beneath a pair of beautifully-tailored pair of trousers that screams "Bond Street!"
He looks as if he could do with a stiff drink, but is too contrary to admit it.
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A private room.... [23 Apr 2003|09:48pm]

Is perfect for adult content.

Silent voyeurs welcome to watch.
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[22 Apr 2003|02:05am]

[ mood | working ]

A giant figure in a hood steps into the inn.
A face hidden in blackness only allowing occasional glints of jewel blue to sparkle as he scans the room.
His eyes lock for a moment on the pair -trio- on the sofa, a gloved hand twitches a finger and a twinkling glass of absinthe appears in his hand, as he sits at a table too far away to hear them but definetely in sight with a faint turn of his head. The insignia on his sleeve is that of the queens guard, his purpose here should be evident.

A sip of the peridot beverage disappears somewhere in the hood and he watches everything.

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God(dess) here.... [18 Apr 2003|11:54pm]
It's time for a bit of boring administrivia here....

Since there are only about three active players wait two... The rule about being allowed multiple simultaneous characters... (rule six on the infopage)

I'm going to get rid of it... Cause I'm tired of being restricted myself to just one... so Have fun and if you're the quiet type start posting!
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In walks a cat. [18 Apr 2003|01:19am]

A cat proudly strolls through the open door. Bieng a cat, gender is not easily recognized. What can be seen is its mottled grey and black coat of short hair, and the small, black drawstring bag in its mouth. It gives the dragons adequate room as it comes to the center of the room and takes in its surroundings. It makes a few small circles before continuing to examine every fixture in sight...
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With a silent Poof of glitter.... [16 Apr 2003|09:37pm]
The red haired beauty appears.

Today she comes not in finery but a simple ruby colored dress of soft silk that matches her hair that trails to the floor. alabaster skin glistens with the faint lingerings of her glittery entrance. Her tricolored eyes of swirling reds and silvers and clearsections that reflected the light like prisms scanned the room as her naturally rouged lips pouted at the lack of people. "Oh shoot!" she whispered stomping her foot slightly before noticing the man on the sofa.

She calls out. "Hello."
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Jack. [15 Apr 2003|11:38pm]

Jack watches as Evilyn disappears to the basement. He sees the greasy-haired musician leave to room also. He slowly takes a sip of his iced tea as a pygmy dragon searches the table that has recently been occupied for scraps. He stands and takes his tea into his hand. Many thoughts may be going through his head as he stands motionless. After he has thought what he may think, he slowly makes his way to a sofa that is currently bathed in sunlight. He sets his drink on an adjacent low table and sprawls himself on the sofa, careful to keep his boot-clad feet dangling off the side and back. He closes his eyes and opens his ears, waiting for someone to enter the room.
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a new face, But an old friend. [15 Apr 2003|01:06am]

He steps in through the doors, clad in a baroque-ish black that hangs about his gaunt figure like the curtains of a stage. in his left hand dangles a black wood case, and tucked under his arm a sheaf of papers with scribbles of notes. His eyes fix on Evilyn, an old aqaintence as she speaks with the stranger.

At a table near one of the dimmer windows, he lays the papers and his case. greasy black hair falls about his hawk like features as a graceful but almost skeletal hand waves at the dark haired owner. He sits where he can watch the entire room and drums his fingers upon the table, waiting for her attentions.
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Spring brings out the Linen. [14 Apr 2003|01:47am]
Evilyn lounges on the bar in the uncharacteristic Linen suit. Spring calls for light colors and light weight fabrics. her hair is loose from it's braid and all five feet of is in tight waves. Wearing a crown of lilac branches just an inch above the top of her sunglasses, she looks like a modernized Easter.

Friends have said they'll meet her, but have they come yet is the question.
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Ahh spring.... [14 Apr 2003|01:37am]
Spring has come to the Inn at last, and it has exploded all over the walls. Our humble owner is too fond of flowers sometimes.
Morning glories are creeping through the always open windows and doors, the fire goes in the evenings but the hearth is mostly cool now.
through the windows the extensive rose gardens can be seen, surrounded by the meticulously well trimmed sod. (A gardener has never been seen at work ever but the gardens are never in poor shape come the first rain.)
Flower petals tend to coat the beds, and the tables are laden with the latest cuttings from the garden.
The scent of lilacs and light rain is always present.

Evilyn's taken the night off... [20 Dec 2002|02:17am]
And like Evilyn he appears at will.
He lounges in a chair at a table, black boot leather resting his heels upon the table. black denim way too tight for decency clings to long legs shaped by life long physical activity, a shirt of royal purple silk is completely buttoned except for the top most button a burgandy silk tie hangs over the back of his chair, where his shoulder length blonde hair brushes in loose waves. he looks like a man who should be pale, but he often spends his time in far warmer climates with far less clothes. If his eyes were open, which they are not, you'd be gazing into a shade too jewel like to be human, but inspite of some special abilities he is very human.
If you ask him politely he'll hand you a business card with two words written on it, Keith Ballerfon.
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Not Your Average Malk [09 Dec 2002|08:33am]
[ mood | confused ]

The door swings open and a young woman enters the establishment. Truth be told, she nearly falls through the door and looks disoriented. She's a smallish woman of Asian descent, and is hardly dressed for the weather. She is clad in jeans and a tee-shirt, her feet covered by dirty sneakers and her dark hair falls across her eyes. Her only adornment is a silver necklace that reads "Jonesie," more for her benefit than yours. She lifts her eyes to the man at the Inn, and then the woman.

"Excuse me," she starts, more than a hint of hesitation in her voice. "Did you guys see, like, something wierd floating through here just now?"

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A dark stranger. [07 Dec 2002|04:47pm]

[ mood | calm ]

A stranger walks in, and with a quick glance takes in all his surroundings, pausing only a second longer to study the female form perched on the bar. If one was to describe this man, he would be judged at 6 feet of height with raven black hair, neatly tied in a pony tail that ended somewhere between his shoulder blades. Dressed in a black suit, a black shirt and a black tie, kept warm by an ankle length, black leather trench. The outfit was completed by a pair of shined to a mirror quality, black shoes. The man showed no emotion. No hint of relief as he walked in from the cold. No sign of sadness or happiness. He was just there, instantly aware of everything that was around him. Taking off his coat and hanging it in the designated place, he calmly chose a seat at the bar, far enough from the lady sitting on it not to invade her privacy, but close enough to insure that a conversation could take place should she choose to initiate one. Without a word he sat down, and checked his watch.

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there are advantages to being a non human [24 Nov 2002|09:47pm]
Like being able to have one of the pygmy dragons curl up in your lap and it letting you pet it without loosing body parts. This is exactly what evilyn was doing, sitting cross legged on the bar in a stunning black velvet suit with a flaming red silk scarf wrapped about her thoat and trailing down her back with all five feet of her hair pinned in a bun. her left hand gently stroked the dragons head as her right hand nursed a martini. with a gentle push of someone very used to adjusting glasses she slides the shades back up her nose and eagerly awaits a conversation.
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Still Bored... [21 Nov 2002|02:33am]
[ mood | awake ]

Having barely moved at all, her posture is much the same as she waits for anyone to show up. A faint sigh escapes her lips as she murmurs, "At least I'm not sitting on that blasted worm any more." She adjust the sunglasses a touch and yawns.

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One lone traveller. [20 Nov 2002|12:33am]
Evilyn Demihole's six foot tall frame slouched in the red leather wingback beside the main fireplace. Behind her blackened lenses, her red eyes were closed, pale ears tuned to listen to the fire. Her black hair was braided into a five foot long rope that coiled about her body and the chair in a snake like manner. Her long pale fingers entwined in themselves rested slightly against her pale chin, while her arms brushed her just large enough to be noticed, but not too large to be rediculous breasts beneath the lapel of a black suit with subtle red pinstriping. The sole Proprietor of The Rainbows End Inn, crossed her italian boot clad ankles and awaited a customer.
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"The Rainbow's End" Inn's appearence. (for winter) [20 Nov 2002|12:16am]
Once you step through the main door the warmth of the three fire places and one cast iron stove hits you immediately, the door at the southwest corner is mostly warmed by the cast iron stove at the same corner, where guests are invited to hang their snow loaded cloaks and coats. a long the western wall is a full bar and kitchen combined, the chef's will make you anything you desire without saying a word. There is never a case of being out of stock of anything. two small fireplaces guard either side of the bar/kitchen, only the chefs tread where food is prepared, pygmy dragons sleep behind the grates to keep it that way. various groupings of tables, chairs and sofa's are scattered about the center of the room. the main fire place, the largest with a six foot high mantle, is in the north-eastern corner furthest from the door with two conversation intimate wing back chairs pulled in front of it. the northwest corner has the stair access to the actual rooms that you may rent to sleep in by the hour or by the day/night. there's a story above avalible for renting and a half story below for renting.
the lights are kept low to keep from hurting travellers too long in the bright, too long in the dark, or too long in the bottle, but individual lanterns may be lit at each table for a little extra light.
tables are not tacked down for ease of moving to make room should a group of muisicians assemble and desire to perform, or an occasional theatrical performance.
Above the largest fireplace a mural reads, "All are welcome Where the Rainbow Ends."
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