Apple Whore (kylefuetzvater) wrote in imnotmyself,
Apple Whore

"The Rainbow's End" Inn's appearence. (for winter)

Once you step through the main door the warmth of the three fire places and one cast iron stove hits you immediately, the door at the southwest corner is mostly warmed by the cast iron stove at the same corner, where guests are invited to hang their snow loaded cloaks and coats. a long the western wall is a full bar and kitchen combined, the chef's will make you anything you desire without saying a word. There is never a case of being out of stock of anything. two small fireplaces guard either side of the bar/kitchen, only the chefs tread where food is prepared, pygmy dragons sleep behind the grates to keep it that way. various groupings of tables, chairs and sofa's are scattered about the center of the room. the main fire place, the largest with a six foot high mantle, is in the north-eastern corner furthest from the door with two conversation intimate wing back chairs pulled in front of it. the northwest corner has the stair access to the actual rooms that you may rent to sleep in by the hour or by the day/night. there's a story above avalible for renting and a half story below for renting.
the lights are kept low to keep from hurting travellers too long in the bright, too long in the dark, or too long in the bottle, but individual lanterns may be lit at each table for a little extra light.
tables are not tacked down for ease of moving to make room should a group of muisicians assemble and desire to perform, or an occasional theatrical performance.
Above the largest fireplace a mural reads, "All are welcome Where the Rainbow Ends."
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