The Cynic (discordian) wrote in imnotmyself,
The Cynic

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A dark stranger.

A stranger walks in, and with a quick glance takes in all his surroundings, pausing only a second longer to study the female form perched on the bar. If one was to describe this man, he would be judged at 6 feet of height with raven black hair, neatly tied in a pony tail that ended somewhere between his shoulder blades. Dressed in a black suit, a black shirt and a black tie, kept warm by an ankle length, black leather trench. The outfit was completed by a pair of shined to a mirror quality, black shoes. The man showed no emotion. No hint of relief as he walked in from the cold. No sign of sadness or happiness. He was just there, instantly aware of everything that was around him. Taking off his coat and hanging it in the designated place, he calmly chose a seat at the bar, far enough from the lady sitting on it not to invade her privacy, but close enough to insure that a conversation could take place should she choose to initiate one. Without a word he sat down, and checked his watch.
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